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BrainSpin is a creativity game. Challenge yourself to see a new perspective on the same old lines! Your friends' brains will delight you as the simple shapes inspire vastly different interpretations.


To play, place a card face up on the table. Use a timer to count down a minute as players write lists of all the things they see in the image. A square, for example, becomes sugar cube, a yawning robot’s mouth, and the plan view of an elevator shaft. Repeat for three cards. Players then compare lists and earn points for each unique interpretation.


Frankie Abralind, creator of BrainSpin, is an innovation consultant in Washington, D.C. He came up with BrainSpin back in 2003, but after playing it a few times with friends he got busy with other projects and put it on a shelf. In early 2014, he got it back out and showed it to some folks in the design thinking community. They couldn't stop talking about it.


Now that several hundred play testers have weighed in, the very warm reception has been inspiring. Frankie presented BrainSpin at the Chicago Toy and Game Innovation Conference in November and is excited to see what happens next.


Hooray for Creativity!™

What does the game include? Is there a board?

Currently, BrainSpin takes the form of a simple deck of cards. That makes it easily portable-- you can keep it in your bag for an impromptu icebreaker or conversation starter for new groups.



Don't I need a timer? And a pad?

Yes, players have one minute per card to write down everything they see. We thought it would be nice to keep it simple, so we encourage you to use your phone's timer app and find some scrap paper (a napkin or the back of an envelope will do).



How many cards are there?

54. Two of them are blank, so if you want to make your own shape just grab a Sharpie and draw it on. If you think we should add it to a future/ expansion deck, go ahead and take a pic and email it to us. We might post it on our Facebook page or even include it in an expansion deck!



I want a hundred packs! Can I get a wholesale price?

Sure! Email us. Just beware that BrainSpin is not currently packaged for resale, so there's no UPC on it yet.



What's design thinking, by the way?

Great question. The basic idea is to use the tools of the design process to help solve complicated problems. The term was popularized by design firm IDEO. You can find a lot of great resources online at Stanford University's If you're in the Washington, D.C. area, make sure to check out Design Thinking DC (Frankie's the group's director!).

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